Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just as I had hoped

A couple of years ago, Larry stopped by the nursery to pick up some plants and showed me a Weeping Ginkgo he had in the back of the truck from his own garden center.  I had to have one.  Unfortunately, I forgot to ask how much.  A couple of weeks later, he dropped one off for me.  He was in a hurry and said I could pay later.  Again, I forgot to ask how much. 

When it arrived at home, my family couldn't understand why I bought a crooked tree.  My daughter thought it had personality.  My son assured me that we could stake it and with time it would grow straighter.  My husband was certain that it was one the nursery was throwing away because it was ugly and, therefore, it was free.  Fortunately, I still didn't know how much. 

Now, a couple of years later, the arching form drapes over a metal disc on the fence.  There are Bearded Iris along the base.  A bench is close by.  And, the Ginkgo's yellow fall foliage glows on sunny days. 

How much?  It turns out that it really didn't matter.  Not with a payment plan option.  Besides, it is just as I had hoped. 


  1. Cute...I'm still wondering how much, though...

  2. About $260 or so. I'm still trying to keep it a secret from my husband.

  3. I love gingkos. Yhey line the roads here, and this time of year if you turn into a road of gingkos on a sunny day, it's breathtaking.

    And I thought I was the only one who avoided telling my husband how much I've spent at the garden centre ...

    But a thought. If you fall behind on your payments, what happens? do they come and dif it up again :)

  4. Sue,
    That would be awful to have someone come out and dig up a plant! Actually, I know a guy with a tree spade that did that when someone didn't pay him for a tree he had brought in and planted. He went back to the property and replaced the huge beautiful tree that hadn't been paid for with a small ugly tree.