Friday, June 25, 2010

My, oh my...

I had heard about this garden from numerous friends.  And, even though they all said "it is a must see garden" and I was prepared for something great, it still took my breath away when I walked through the gate.  Doug and Diane Seip have shared their gardens on a couple of occasions this year.  For the most recent event, Doug (with Family Tree Nursery) invited members of several area horticulture industry groups over for an evening tour. 

Doug has an incredible selection of conifers.  Pictured is a weeping white pine.  Yes, it is huge! 

If you have wondered how well Dragon Lady Hollies do in Kansas City's zone five climate, here's the answer.  Beautifully.  Doug planted two on either side of a garden shed by a walk way many years ago and they are now taller than the shed. 

An advantage of working at a nursery with a greenhouse, Doug can overwinter his banana tree successfully.   Mine didn't fare as well in my dining room. 

There are many beautiful containers in Doug and Diane's gardens.  Here's a couple of my favorites:

If you ever hear that the Seip's garden is open for a tour, drop everything and go!