Sunday, November 22, 2009

Standing at the corner of 12th & McGee

At 7am on a Saturday morning, I am not usually standing on a street corner downtown waiting for a bus.  However, offering to volunteer for a national youth conference gave me that opportunity.  While waiting to greet busloads of out of town high school students and chaperons, I had time to look around at the streetscape of Kansas City's Downtown.  

The Board of Education building at 12th and McGee has an area with Variegated Maiden Grass planted in front of a wall surrounded by concrete.  It's thriving in this harsh site. To the east, there are planter boxes of steel with maples, liriope and yews.  Not too exciting?

For a more creative streetscape, you have to venture to Kansas City's newest entertainment district. 

At the Sprint Center, the entertainment begins outside.

Created by New York artist, Chris Doyle, the Moons video screens capture the attention of visitors of the adjoining Power and Light District.  Planted at the base of the screens, by a water feature, are Vanderwolf Pines.  The ornamental grasses and evergreens soften the walls and outdoor seating area in the background. 

At the Power and Light District, Ginkgos wrapped in blue lights add to the festive atmosphere and nightlife of the area. 

What is your favorite streetscape? 

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