Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stepping out of rush hour to smell the flowers

Do you spend much of your work week on 435 driving to and from work?  Now that it's a part of my daily routine, I have renewed appreciation for George Segal's sculpture titled Rush Hour. 

Getting away from the constant stop and go pace of daily life, my husband and I spent this past weekend wandering art galleries and strolling along the Plaza.

Of course, we had to stop in at one of my favorite gardens in Kansas City and see what was new at the Kauffman Memorial Gardens.  The conservatory was full of spring time flowers and fragrance.  Color even splashed across the floor thanks to the sun shining through the colorful panes hanging in the windows. 

There was a steady stream of visitors on Sunday morning.  Grandparents with grandchildren, a couple with a son running laps around the fountain, and quite a few taking photos with very nice cameras.  Once again, I realized I had forgotten my good camera and there I was taking pictures with my cell phone camera!

At the Garden Symposium dinner, I met a man who grew up going to scout camp on the property that is now Powell Gardens.  With family living in the area, he often joins them at Powell to fly kites by the lake.  He told me how much he loves it there and now he secretly considers it to be his own garden.  He appreciates the care that is given to the gardens at Powell so the property is always ready for his visits.  I know what he means - I feel the same way about the Kauffman Gardens.  Sound strange?  Oh well!

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  1. Hi Susan: I get that rush hour feeling myself sometimes, and I don't even commute! I loved your picture of the conservatory at Kauffman Gardens; I always enjoy the garden and the plants in the conservatory, but I visit just as much to experience the light and shadows, and to pat the cat. Here's to spring. Marty