Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thinking of Hawaii while there's a blizzard outside

The schools and airport are closed and a blizzard warning continues through noon  tomorrow.  With a foot of snow on the ground, more snow coming down, and the wind chill at one below, it seems like a good time to think about a much warmer place.  Such as Hawaii!  

While in Kauai, we drove past the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church many times before taking the time to stop.  Though it's never in the plans, my husband and I always seem to find a church or two to visit while on vacation.  
The inside is as beautiful as the outside.  

When we first walked in the church an elderly woman walked up to the statue of Mary.  She knocked on the base of it with her fist several times before praying.  I could just imagine her saying "Mary, are listening to me, can you hear me, are you paying attention, I've gotten something to tell you..." 

The grounds of the church are also lovely.  Though probably wrong of me, I kept thinking they must have a really good priest and choir to get people to pay attention while inside.  I would be tempted to stay outside and pull weeds, smell the flowers and listen to the service through an open window.   


The plants are as colorful as the stained glass windows.  Visiting this church and saying a prayer was a wonderful stop on a busy day of sight seeing.  Maybe that's why we end up visiting churches while on vacation.  No doubt, God knows we aren't good at slowing down, even while on vacation.  



  1. My goal is to visit all of the Catholic Missions of California. I have seen almost half of them now, and I LOVE their gardens. This makes me miss Hawaii. It is so lovely too. Good luck with that snow!

  2. I know it sounds crazy, but part of me would love to be trapped in the blizzard for a night. While it's cold here, it's not going to snow:(

  3. Great photos. I am curious, is that an orchid (4th picture) it looks so lovely.

  4. Thank you for all the comments. Plants in Kansas City are so different from the ones in Hawaii and I really don't know very many of their names. I have a Moth Orchid on my desk at work that is flowering now. It is Phalaenopsis. Watch for my next blog on a little orchid store we came across.