Friday, February 10, 2012

One door opened

Well, lo and behold.  While hoping and waiting for the door to open for the garden book project, another one opened instead.

I spent the morning running around town and met with the owner of ThistleThistle.  Thistle is a wonderful vintage shop in the Crossroads area of Kansas City.  There is a section set aside in the store for featured artists.  At the end of February, in time for March First Fridays, I'll have a couple of walls in the store featuring my garden photographs!

Of course, being downtown meant a stop at the Kauffman Memorial Gardens to take more pictures.  The orangery at the gardens is a great place to visit on a cold day.  The air is filled with the perfume of citrus trees.  The garden displays are full of color.  

Now, I'm back to wondering how the garden book will turn out and have something else to add to my worry list - getting the photos ready for Thistle.  Some are ready to go, others will come from my shop inventory at Satch's Jewel and I'll get to print, mat and frame some more.  Less than 20 days 'til set up for my very first First Fridays!  

To read more about my dream to create a book of garden stories, click on Perhaps I've lost my mind.  

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