Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not another Stella

Stella De Oro, introduced in the mid 1970's, became a top seller for both residential and commercial properties since it is a repeat bloomer. Plus, the smaller size allows it to be used in the front of borders. However, many landscapers are looking for other repeat blooming options. Here are a few of our favorites:

Pardon Me, shown in the photo, is a nice alternative to Stella. The cranberry red flowers with a yellow throat measure 3" across. It matures 18" tall.

The softer flower color of Mini Pearl makes it easy to work in the landscape and blend with other flowers. It has melon pink flowers (3" across) with a yellow throat. Mini Pearl matures 16" tall.

Jolyene Nichole's pink flowers have ruffled edges with a bright yellow green throat. The flowers measure 6" across and it matures 14" tall.

While these o
ptions work well in the front of the border, there are also many repeat blooming daylilies that mature much larger. We have several that mature 24" plus. Joan Senior has white flowers with petals that curve back. Pandora's Box has white flowers with a purple eye and yellow throat. Chicago Orchid's fragrant lavender flowers have a darker purple eye and yellow green throat. Strawberry Candy has pink flowers with ruffled edges, rose red eye, and yellow throat.

Here's an article on a tour of a local garden with 800 varieties of daylilies:
It's Daylily Season

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