Thursday, July 30, 2009

Japanese Maples - a few of the green ones

Autumn Moon Japanese Maple's
foliage emerges chartreuse
in the spring. In the fall the
foliage turns orange and red.
It has an upright form, maturing
8-12' tall.

Full Moon Maple has large leaves
that turn orange and red in the
fall. It has an upright form.

Lion's Head has a narrow upright form.
The crinkled foliage is dark green - it has great texture.
The late season fall color is yellow, orange-red.

Viridis is a laceleaf maple
with a weeping form. It is
a smaller maturing maple,
6x8', with wonderful fall color.

ango Kaku is a coral bark
maple. The red branches brighten
up the winter landscape.
Sango Kaku has an upright form
with colorful foliage.

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