Sunday, August 2, 2009

Japanese Maples - some of the red ones

Yes, it's time for the Japanese Maples with red foliage. I featured the green ones first in hopes that their subtle beauty might be realized with the summer foliage and fall color. But, so many more clamor for Japanese Maples with red foliage...

Tamukeyama is a lovely laceleaf maple with a weeping form that ma
tures 6 x 8'. The laceleaf maples do best with some shade protection from Kansas City's hot afternoons.

Inaba Shidare
matures 6 x 6'.

Red Dragon also
matures 6 x 6'.

Crimson Queen
matures 8 x 10'.

The palmatums have an upright form and larger foliage. Palmatums do fine in sun or shade in Kansas City.

ood is the
most familiar one.
It matures 18 x 15'.

Shojo matures
20 x 20'.


  1. Japanese Maples looks great. You have posted wonderful pictures of Maples that is appreciated. Keep it up the good work. Beth

  2. Thank you. I really appreciate your comments!