Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A vibrantly elemental garden

The pathway lets the visitor know that this is no ordinary garden.

Anne was our host for the August meeting of the Lenexa Field and Garden Club. A church
liturgist, the garden reflects Anne's spirituality and our relationships with the elements of earth, fire, water and air.

Stepping stones by local artist Steve Hess are carefully placed in the brick walk that leads to one of the water features.

A favorite of the visitors are the alliums. These spring flowering bulbs are planted throughout the garden. Brought indoors at the end of their flowering season, the cut allium flowers are hung upside down to dry. Once dry, they are spray painted and returned to the garden.

A flowering plant that many asked about is Gateway Joe Pye Weed. It is planted at the bottom of the slope along with Obedient Plant and Turtlehead, other moisture tolerant plants.

One of the most popular plants in the garden is oregano, Origanum libanticum, purchased from High Country Gardens.

The flowers drape o
ver a rock wall by the water garden. Requiring well drained soil, it is placed on a slope in soil that has chicken grit added annually.

Colorful accents are placed throughout the garden. A blue wall is at the back of the garden hiding the compost pile. The arbor over the deck is painted blue-green and even has purple grapes hanging from the overhead vines.

With the colorful surfaces
and well chosen plants, there are no dreary days in this garden.

Another inspiring garden and gardener is the host of the Lenexa Field and Garden Club's September meeting. Join us and see what happened when the homeowners had a glass of wine and looked around their backyard.


  1. Muhammad, thanks for your note. I enjoyed your blog and reading about the plants you grow. Susan