Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finding a stash of magnolias at the nursery

Through the plastic covering the hoop houses at Loma Vista Nursery's Ottawa growing operation, I could see these beautiful flowers.  Inside the hoop house, the fragrance was wonderful.  Though I had to get past a crop of Alleghany Viburnums to get close enough for a photo, it was well worth the effort.  Quite often, Leonard Messel Magnolia is grown as a multi-stem tree that matures 15-25' tall and wide.  

Quite visible around town, are the Royal Star Magnolias. The flowers are opening up thanks to the warm weather we have had this week.  Upright oval in form, Royal Star matures 15' by 12'. 

Centennial Magnolias have blush pink flower buds that open up a very pale pnk.  Centennial matures 15-20' by 10-15'. 

As with the Leonard Messel Magnolias, Royal Star and Centennial are also fragrant.  All are great additions to the landscape as a spring time accent. 


  1. I planted a Royal Star last year. I'm hoping it survived the winter. Definitely not Magnolia country up here....

    Christine in Alaska

  2. The best thing about writing a blog has to be learning about gardening from the people that comment. Christine and Sheila thanks for writing. Your blogs are wonderful. I love learning about gardening experiences all across the world!