Sunday, April 4, 2010

Forsythia balls

Last week, one of my landscaping friends called the nursery requesting box balls (boxwoods clipped in a ball shape) of assorted sizes. For some reason, it made me think of all the forsythia balls that are very visible right now since they are in flower.  Wouldn't it be nice if forsythia was given room to grow and not be pruned into a ball?  The arching branches covered with bright yellow flowers in the spring would then be covered with colorful foliage in the fall.  



  1. The short answer: yes, that would be splendid. Long answer: anything growing or (egads) blooming would be appreciated. We are at the receiving end of six inches of snow and counting.... My neighbor has an unprunded forsythia that is very cheerful every spring (so it should be blooming in about a month;)

    Christine in Alaska

  2. Christine, thanks for the comment. We've had a beautiful spring this year in Kansas City. No late freezes or snow to mess things up. The flowering trees, shrubs and bulbs have all been wonderful. I'm not sure I would do well gardening in Alaska since I enjoy spring and fall. By the way, I loved your definition of fall in Alaska.