Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hanging on to autumn

In mid-October I stopped in Target to pick up something.  There, prominately displayed by the aisle, were Christmas dishes.  They caught my eye and I thought how pretty a holiday table would look with them.  Then, I remembered it was October.  Christmas dishes in a store in October?

Halloween morning the Sunday newspaper arrived full of ads.  Toy ads.  The kind of toy ads that usually are in the Thanksgiving morning paper.  Again, I wondered, wasn't it a bit too soon to be thinking about Christmas?  

Monday morning, November 1, on the way to work I was doing my usual searching on the car radio trying to find a song I like.  Unfortunately, I pushed the button for our local radio station that plays Christmas music 24/7 in November and December.  

I'm really not in the mood to think about Christmas yet.  We have had such a beautiful fall in Kansas City and see no reason to rush from one season to the next.  Is Thanksgiving just a bump in the road from Halloween to Christmas?  Not for me!  I hanging on to autumn for a while longer.  If you feel the same, you might enjoy these photos of fall color:

Carpet of ginkgo leaves
Gold Pillar Barberry in the fall
Heptacodium (Seven Son Flower)
Shantung Maple
October Glory Maple
Aronia (Chokeberry)
Garden Mum


  1. These are fantastic shots! I absolutely love fall colors. It is way too early for Christmas:)

  2. Thanks. Spring is always so busy at the nursery. Fall is the one time of year I can really enjoy what I do for a living and see no reason to rush through it.

  3. I completely agree with you that Thanksgiving and autumn are almost overlooked these days. The commercialism of the Christmas holiday is so upsetting to me. I was in my favorite garden center the day before Labor Day to buy pansies and kale and sure enough, they were setting up the Christmas shoppe. And that was September! I love autumn too and so I really enjoyed your photos, especially the ginkgo leaves. So pretty!

  4. Lovely! I could spend the whole day in a place filled with those lovely blooms.